Financial Services/Technology


FinTech allows people to fully control their finance at hand. The convenience it provides attracts overflowing end-users and secure their loyalty. Indonesia’s OJK revealed that FinTech industry has grown by 3,055.76% in just 2 years.

Meanwhile, according to the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics, only 36% of Indonesia’s adult population is connected to formal financial institutions. Conventional financial services struggle to reach out to the rest 64% due to proximity, bureaucracy and mountaineering paperworks, which could effortlessly be solved by technology. As FinTech multiplies at full speed, orthodox businesses need equivalent ammunitions to stay ahead in the market.

Adopting this same trend will add value to your business, making your company more competitive and profitable.

BIT highlights the efficiency of our products. We bring technologies that give our customers easy access to advanced FinTech solutions. Our experience in building-and-maintaining the core technology of Indonesian first generation of FinTech armed us with the ready-to-scale architecture.


  • Wealth Management E-Channel
  • Digital Fastrack Loan
  • Peer – to – Peer Lending Framework
  • AI Powered Credit Scoring and Debt Recovery
  • Omni-Channel Retail Engagement