Manufacturing, Energy & Resources

Manufacturing, Energy & Resources

Digitising complex workflow is not wishful thinking.

BIT understands that inconsequential IT implementation can be painful. It doubles the useless repetitive work. By eliminating this wasteful process, you will increase the productivity and be the leader of the market. Our solution resolves this problem and provides a seamless process by reducing the use of extra management tools such as spreadsheets and paper forms.

Our portfolio of clients includes Indonesia’s top private and government-owned mining and resource trading companies. We transformed their business digitally to improve their internal business processes and time to market. The successful implementation sped up the overall business process by 80%.

BIT offers a variety of end-to-end solutions, tailored for the complexity that regular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software cannot reach.


  • Marketing Workflow Suite
  • Shipment and Contract Management
  • Document and Invoices Management
  • Downstream Supply Chain Management and Dashboard
  • Stock Management
  • Transhipment Management