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Business Value

With everything changing in the world of business nowadays, consumers’ habit seems to be one of the most drastically changed phenomena, and it’s still moving. In 2017, 76% of respondents from Southeast Asia said they’d changed their buying behaviour in the prior year. The luxury of having all kinds of information right at your fingertips through the internet has contributed a lot to the shift. A recent study showed that online reviews impact 67% of respondents’ purchasing decisions. The continuous development of technology will surely alter consumers’ decisions and buying behaviour.

Although not completely impossible, tracking these rapid changes is problematic, as it demands more money and time. Our product allows companies to receive testimonials right from the end-users, creating a useful shortcut to learn the impact of your goods on the individuals.


The demanding process towards understanding the market right from the consumers can be automated through the colossal usage of technologies. It is worth mentioning that Indonesia’s productivity per cost is weakening amidst the tremendous economic growth. However, we see the door of opportunity in the growth of the online technology penetration.

Our solution allows you to directly touch the end-users and extract essential information right from their fingers. BIT creates a useful shortcut to engage your customers. It encourages their loyalty and interest in your products.

The solution will fetch data from google analytics and integrate them with the salesforce using user mobile app.

CMS (Content Management Strategy & CMS Backend) – A “Salesforce Marketing” utilising content management while the backend serves as an admin app that regulates the contents, announcement and tasks list that will be translated into a gamified contents in the mobile app.

The purpose of this application is to transform retail duties into fun activities; giving more added value for retailers to continue using the app, which could be delivered as loyalty rewards or news/contents. You could easily monitor the retailers’ behaviours by analysing their activities in the report or dashboard.


The contents we provide will be circling around the products, such as product benefits & education, related news, and other fun contents. The users are allowed to turn on push notifications to get the latest information about the products and the game results.

Loyalty Points Case – Users earn points through a variety of ways, and the points can then be used for numerous direct/indirect benefits.

Content Engagement – The content of the mobile apps will attract users to continue using the app, e.g., localised news, viral materials, and animated community engagement.